Friday, March 5, 2010

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools: A brief introduction

If you like to take several photos on outings with your students and you carry a GPS, there's a great free tool from Microft (PC-only), Pro Photo Tools 2. Pro Photo Tools allows you to edit the metadata (contained in JPG headers called EXIF data).  You can edit the title, description, dates, categories, and much more.  It also allows you to view, rotate, map/geotag, and transfer photos from camera to PC.  Pro Photo Tools requires an Internet connection in order to preform any geotagging.

Pro Photo Tools allows you to geotag pics in three basic ways:
  1. Drag the picture and drop it on a map
  2. Geocode (calculate a lat/long based on street address) the picture, based on street address
  3. Import a GPS Track log and determine each photo's location based on where the GPS was at the time the picture was taken.  This process requires you to synchronize your camera and GPS clocks.
 Unfortunately, Pro Photo Tools will not allow you to type in a lat-long and assign it to a photo.  You must use one of the three options above. However, the geocoding (address to lat/long) and reverse geocoding (lat/long to address) are excellent features to support geotagging - as are the Bing maps.

We'll explore specific features of Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 in future blogs.  For now, you're on your own to explore or check out some of the featured articles.

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