Sunday, July 29, 2012

Geotagging media: Connecting your classroom, club, and personal photos to the map

A brand new publication from Carte Diem Press...the perfect compliment to your field work, school trip or outdoor curriculum.

Geotagging Media: Connecting Your Classroom, Club and Personal Photos to the Map

Learn the ins and outs of geotagging media! This book includes methods, software, tools, best practices and ways to integrate geotagging into school and other student environments. Dr. Tom Baker and Roger Palmer bring years of experience and student-tested expertise to this work. It's easy to use and will have you geotagging tomorrow!

Order online at GISetc.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Webinar: 10 Tips for Easy Geotagging in Any Classroom

Wednesday, April 18, 20128pm Eastern/ 7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific 

Geotagging, using pictures and other digital files to support student inquiry, fieldwork, and data analysis, can be a simple and fun ways to engage students in GIS and GPS.  Student data, photos, and recorded audio can build on interactive basemaps and allow students to tell their own "geostories" about a place or phenomenon.  Ideal for earth and environmental science and geography teachers, this webinar will only use tools that are free and web-based, allowing educators to use tomorrow.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flickr Photo Viewer, for Current Events in the Classroom?

Here's an interesting web application that lets you do a keyword search in Flickr and then maps the images with a marker and thumbnail.

What you can do:

    * Find a location in the world in a flash.
    * Search flickr photos with your desired keywords.
    * Explore flickr photos that are taken after a specified date.
    * Click on the small thumbnail to enjoy the whole picture.

Perhaps the best use of this tool is to combine the date and keyword search, to track photos streaming into Flickr during or after an event.  Should be great for exploring current events in the classroom!

For science class, search for crocus or other phenological indicators and set a start date of February 7 for example.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mapping Geotagged Images from Flickr in Less than 10 Seconds

This video is a quick tutorial for streaming geotagged images into the map viewer at  The map viewer was recently updated and now has a great utility for KML files, among many other great new features.

Friday, March 11, 2011

#NSTA 2011 - GeoTagging [ #NSTA11 ]

We will hold two open workshops on Saturday, March 12 at 8:00AM and 4:00PM in Moscone room 304.  This 90 minute session will be lead by Tom Baker & Joseph Kerski (Esri) with Roger Palmer (GISetc).  All registered NSTA attendees are welcome

Select software used in demos:

Data used in demos:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GeoTech 2011 - GeoTagging and More in Dallas, TX

Bishop Dunne GeoTech Conference, March 3-5, 2011

GeoTech is the superb gathering of educators in Dallas, TX during the first week of March.  This year, the conference will include a GeoTagging workshop Thursday afternoon, presented  by Tom Baker &  Roger Palmer.  

Required software

Required data

Be sure to see the Mobile and Web GIS tools for the classroom  presentation on Friday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding Needles in Haystacks: Learning from patterns in GPS data

Finding Needles in Haystacks: Learning from patterns in GPS data
by Roger Palmer, GISetc & Tom Baker, Esri
at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

GPS gets your students out into local environments and interacting with the world. See how simple it is to integrate geocaching, EarthCaching, and data collection into your classroom.

Download the Session Presentation [PDF]. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chirp! for geocaching

We haven't seen a product like this before and since it's targeted to geocachers, thought we'd share it: a wireless geocaching beacon.  At the very least, it could serve as an "intelligent" geocache, perhaps at its best, it could better allow those with low vision to have a better geocaching experience.

from the Garmin website:

chirp is a one-of-a-kind wireless beacon designed specifically for the outdoor adventures of geocaching. Affordable, durable and waterproof, chirp can communicate with, and be programmed by, any compatible wireless-enabled Garmin handheld (sold separately). chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby. chirp is password protected and has a battery life of up to one year.

Get & Store Hints

chirp detection screen (on an Oregon)
Trip computer screen showing chirp detection indication on dashboard (on an Oregon)
chirp can be programmed by any compatible wireless-enabled Garmin handheld to store geocaching hints and other information. When other geocachers arrive near your cache, they’ll be alerted that the cache is nearby, and then they’ll be able to access the hints you’ve loaded into chirp. And when you return, chirp will tell you how many visitors have been to your cache.