Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GeoTagging in your everyday life: Spring Break

One great way to start geotagging is to geotag pictures from a vacation or special event.  The zoo, amusement park, county fair, or park are excellent places to "practice" geotagging.  Photographically, you can shoot interesting subjects that vary across geography.

As Spring Break nears, consider geotagging your photos from a trip or vacation, at least the ones you're willing to share.  It's another opportunity to create some exciting maps from your own adventures!  I had the extremely good fortune of traveling to Africa in 2008.  As the trip grew near, one of the first things I did was purchase a new camera, the Nikon P6000 - an excellent point-and-shoot camera (more on the P6000 in the future).  The interesting feature of the P6000 is that it has an onboard GPS, geotagging the photos with highly accurate positioning information as the pictures are taken (very cool).  Keep in mind a simple digital camera and a GPS is all you really need.  Just jot down the lat/long along with each picture number in a logbook, as you shoot.

Feel free to explore my one day adventure into Lilongwe National Park, Zambia, Dec 25, 2008.  Share your geotagged trip URLs below and enjoy that Spring Break!

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